BR and I found ourselves struggling to make it through the work week and when Friday finally rolled around, we needed to go out and have a good time. IMAG2170


We decided to hit up a local spot, Eastwick, for its convenience and quiet atmosphere. It was the perfect place to be after a crazy week; to just sit back with a good glass of wine or champagne and enjoy a great meal. IMAG2171

As always, when we dine at Eastwick we start with the mac and cheese. I dont know many places that offer mac and cheese as an appetizer but something about the one form Eastwick that we cannot get enough of; we order it every single time! IMAG2172

I also ordered an appetizer of their deviled eggs. Not bad… but definitely no mac and cheese. IMAG2173

BR went with their lamb burger and a side salad in lieu of french fries- because isnt mac and cheese enough starchy goodness?? IMAG2174

I ordered the New York Strip which was seasoned beautifully and came with Chimichurri sauce on the side. It was great minus the really bitter arugula salad. It was lacking a citrus to cut down on the bitterness. But skipping the salad left extra room…IMAG2176…for dessert of course!

We shared a banana split with heaping scoops of their pumpkin gelato and vanilla bean gelato. It was drizzled with caramel and fudge. so decadent. And so perfect to end our work week.


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