My co-worker, Rose, and I discovered that we both love to cook. Rose favors the classic spanish dishes and I favor a little bit of everything. On occassion we bring lunch for eachother. Today is our Office Party (70 Rocks!) and we heard that the dinner selections at the party would be sub par so Rose and I decided to have a putluck lunch.

Rose brought in arroz con gandules which is a traditional Puerto Rican dish of rice and Pigeon peas. Its delicious. To accompany her rice I made pollo al horno or Baked Chicken.

It was quite a big lunch.

Everyone that passed our desks were pretty jealous of our ethnic feast! It sparked the interest of others and there might be a bigger potluck with even MORE goodies.

After the big feast, I made sure to drink plenty of water in my cute pink camelbak. 😛

Tonight is the TB 70 Annual Office Christmas Party! Stay Tuned!