So, as predicted, the holiday party was catered… and it was “OK”. Hey, I told you I was a Food Snob – I’m not kidding about this stuff.
The decor was nice. It proved to be the best place for the “rookie skit”*.
Upon my arrival, I canvased the area and made a bee-line for the food with my camera before anyone could even think about serving themselves.
Heroes? Okay, I’ll take it. Given the amount of liquor there tonight I’m going to need all the meat I can get out of these gi-normous sammies (my mother thinks bread does the trick but the best way to avoid getting plastered is to have lots of protein. Meat= protein.)

The lovely Lucy is slicing up the Vegetarian Lasagna. It wasn’t that bad….unless, hate Onions. I don’t mind them. Rose Despised this dish… is there a stronger word for hate? If so, Rose owns it for the veggie lasagna. (Do people know that regular lasagna is ALSO vegetarian? Hmm, just thought I’d throw that one out there)

Isn’t it pretty? Too bad it never made it on to my plate. I took a bite of the chicken satay and decided that the table was not worth it. Gimme the onion lasagna and big ass hero anyday!

Ah, lastly. The wraps. What can I say about the wraps?

How about “Where the Eff is the Meat?” No chicken, no tuna, no beef. All Veggie. Don’t get me wrong, I love veggies as much as the next snob, however, there are only two or three vegetarians in the entire department out of 60… we had salads and stuff- why did we have so many vegetarian options?!?! ugh! These wraps had eggplant, feta and carrots.
Shall we move onto dessert?

This cake was lovingly made by one of the officemates and it was a funfetti cake! It was simple, deliciously moist, and that was enough for me. (I would have gone bananas if the presentation was better… but this one was good on taste alone!)

Thats my piece of funfetti and a blondie that was pretty damn good!

Here lies the dessert table. I love the way it was set up!

Close up of the dessert table. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, homemade fudge, and homemade mini sweet potato pies. They all passed the taste test!

After we all ate, we pulled up our chairs and watched the Rookie Skit*; thankfully I was not roasted this year… although if anyone of them read what i wrote about the food, Im sure I will get a shout out in next years!
Rose and I were honored by the Unit and given gifts and cards after the performance. Here we are near tears at the thought! (thanks TB 70!)

And then the debauchery began!

This is before I had anything to drink.
Then this happened ….
Well…There you have it. This is the end result when you give overworked and underpaid employees liquor. 🙂
*rookie skit: every year the unit’s first year attorneys have to put on a skit at the holiday party. Usually the skit serves as an outlet for the first years frustrations and result in the roast of the units most quirky individuals. Its a riot every time!