So when I got to work on Friday Morning, I got this:
Translation: Nightmare!
Its very pretty to look at- don’t get me wrong but snow in NYC turns into black slush and splatters everywhere. Friendly-looking piles of snow have hidden treasures; like vomit and dog poop. So we try to steer clear of those… Ah! the joys of city Life.

I started the day off with a bucket of espresso (remember my office party last night?). Okay, maybe not a bucket but a whole 20 oz! That pretty pic there is my triple venti skinny cinnamon dolce latte and praise Cheeses – they made it right today. I can’t tell you how bad a day gets when your cup of heaven is “off” or “too sweet”.

Dear Barista, thank you for making my drink according to the starbucks coffee standards and not your own. You have made me very happy as I sip this $8 latte. Love Always, A Starbucks Junkie.
So I mentioned in the title something about office party crashing… right. About that. My unit has a private party off the office premises and other units have parties right in their offices and utilize the office email as a source of inviting people. Those invitees then hit the lovely FWD button and I get the invite. And then i FWD it to fellow crashers. Its all very simple really.

So at 3 pm, my crashers and I ventured to various office parties and grabbed random things. I managed to grab a glass of wine and some cookies. By the time I remembered to take a photo, this was all that was left. Half a glass of wine and a very creepy Santa Cookie. I devoured a delicious black and white cookie and two very moist oatmeal raisin cookies.
I tried to give the santa cookie away but they pretty much looked at it with the same disdain as I was looking at it. Sorry Santa, No one likes your cookie. Better stick to presents.

While looking at my glass of wine I felt like pondering some of life’s most annoying question:

Is this glass half full or half empty?
My solution: It was full to the top but I drank half of it. Its half full and half empty. So there.
By the way, the wine was good!