Happy Christmas Eve!
As previously posted, I baked some pumpkin bread for the co-workers. I snagged a piece before it was gobbled up… rightfully so- there were nothing but crumbs left after an hour!
The bread was light, fluffy, moist, and Delicious! It went very well with my triple grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte.

Someone brought in Bagels ans Bialys and I might have had half a bagel with scallion cream cheese… I might. But since there is no picture – it doesn’t count.

Arroz Blanco con frijoles y chuleta con salsa picante.
White rice with black beans a grilled pork chop. You might be thinking “Hmmm, this looks a lot like what she ate yesterday”. And you know what? You’re right! (Boo-ya!) But today I have the green sauce which makes this dish taste better than ever! And on that note, sauce or no sauce – its good enough to eat two days in a row! SO there.
Stay tuned for Christmas Eve Extravaganza at the MoDiva Household!
Oh and below is my cutie pie, Geramiah, Rose’s son. Geramiah is modeling the fireman rain coat and boots Auntie MoDiva bought him for Christmas. Hes Happy its Raining Today.