Merry Christmas Eve!
This year mom decided to open up her casa (home) and have a family style supper. We had friends over Christmas eve and Family over on Christmas day.
The menu was straight up spanish cuisine.

This plate consists of Pernil, or Roast Pork. Its heavily infused with garlic and other herbs and baked for 3 -4 hrs. So Freakin Yummy!

Here is my godfathers Baked Ham. He used a spicy mustard and honey rub as it baked. This is generally a salty meat… it was still salty but the rub was sweet so the flavors were flirting with eachother. Padrino scored points for the ham being juicy! Who likes a DRY ham??? Not i!

Madrina, made her famous mac and cheese… Normally this dish knocks my socks off but it was lacking in consistency and sharpness. This mac is made with extra sharp cheddar and evaporated milk. Madrina, overcooked the macaroni so the meal itself lacked a solid texture and was more like mashed potatoes. And she didnt use a lot of cheese which kind of just made this dish taste like over buttered macaroni. Sorry Tia, you have made better! The best part of thsi was the crunchy topping.

Mom made Arroz con Gandules. Mom is usually notorious for making rice that is sub par but hats off to you Momma. This rice was amazing. The grains were fluffy, not mushy, and had a bite to them but were not too hard to chew. The flavors were strong and not overbearng and I could taste the little touches that you added to make it amazing! No Leftovers on this one…it was eaten up!

Good Food equals Good Times

And this photo is why my pants dont fit today. 🙂