I know, its late but I was on bloggy vacay. I didnt do anything but eat this holiday so naturally, my new years resolution will be to stop eating! I can post food stuff though. 🙂

Caught mom, Grannie, and Dad pigging out so the next few candids are for the food lovers.

Whats wrong ma? cant say Cheese? Gotta full mouth? Too bad.
This is my darling Jay, who was proud to show me his mouths capacity for yummy goodness… Good Boy Jay – That’ll do.

This is my “hubby” Jay. I know you just did a double take. I have two loves named jay in my life. They are my besties. Here is jay taking a breather. See? they have the same name but these pics show their true nature. Jay 1 is a go getter and jay 2 is chill and classy. Im complete.

Here is a pic of my appetiizers that were a huge hit. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
Activate Smell-o-Vision!

These suckers were delish! the asparagus was al dente and the bacon was slightly browned to infuse the bacon flavor into the asparagus.

Now that we have eaten, pump up the volume and lets boogie! Mom always loved a good house party.

No more Wine for you lady… I mean it!

Kristen is camera shy but I caught a great pic of her without her knowing. GOTCHA!

momma, ralph, and me. Cheesin it as always.

My Christmas Day Feast! All the same crap from Christmas eve for the exception of the Pastele. A Pastele is a Puerto Rican treat usually made around christmas and thanksgiving made from yuca, plantains, and taro root. There are other ingredients but the main 3 are listed. They are ground into a gross looking paste and wrapped in banana leaves with seasoning, meat and olives and boiled till they solidify.

This is what a pastele after its been cooked and right before it gets unwrapped and eaten.

I was in charge of Dessert So I made a lovely Red velvet Cake!

It was rich, red, and moist. perfect. But then again, i am biased because I made it. Notice that its already scored? Mom is a TERRIBLE cake cutter and I score the cakes in the house so she doesnt massacre them. I saved the red velvet cake!

Mom bought a Chocolate Mousse that tasted better than sex. It was decadent, moist, rich, CHOCOLATELY, and completely asking me to eat the whole thing. It was incredibly good and unfortunately this went really fast!

At least I got a shot of the cake innards! YUM!

My Neighbor lovingly donated a cherry cheesecake. Everyone loved it but being the snob that I am I had a few critiques. For one, the texture of this cheesecake was “gritty” and I like my cheesecakes creamy and smooth. Secondly, the cherries were very tart – much too tart for the taste of this cake. The cake itself was too sweet and the crust was sub par. I prefer a real pie crust as opposed to a graham cracker crust. Everyone else loved it though!