Good Tuesday!

Don’t you love realizing that there is one more day of the year left? Then you look back on the year that has flown by (again) and think about all the Resolutions that you never fulfilled (again) and then vow to hit the gym like a maniac (again) and so on… until February. February seems to be the death sentence to all resolutions. So this year I resolve to Not make a Resolution…and to use my Wii Fit 4 times per week… and to make a trip to California (Hi Allie! Hi Carol!) And one more… to meet the REST of my WW Challenge girls! I think 2009 will be our year to finally meet!
I’m in a very good mood today! Must be the new coffee cup my brother got me. I left my camera at home (DOH!) so Im taking pics with my cell phone – the quality sucks.

Its filled with delicious French Pressed Christmas roast with a touch of International Delight Creamer and 2 splendas. Gotta love the Coffee Fix in the AM! It was accompanied by a bagel but I eated it already.

I would totally say this by the way 😉

Lunch today was made last night in a hurry so I could do laundry. I know its so fun doing luandry – no wonder you rushed through your cooking routine to get it done. And in all honesty I would rather clean the bathroom than do laundry – and if you ever mention this out loud, I will deny it.

Anyway, I subscribe to Rachael Ray Magazine and I love the little menus that you can rip out for the week. About 2 months ago, a really simple recipe caught my eye. It was a Bacon Egg and Cheese Quesadilla. It looked different, easy, and quick! All of my fav elements in a dinner. However, since I moved several months ago, I have adapted my cooking styles to fit my shrinking budget. So I tweaked the recipe to fit my shopping list that week and am happpy to report there has been a quesadilla in my tummy at least once a week. (I even tried a Quesadilla on the boyfriend and he approved…and even better – he asked for seconds!) So I am posting this recipe and giving Rachael all the credit – she IS a diva!


(for one)


1 egg

1 whole wheat tortilla

1 slice of cheese (or 1/4 c shredded cheese)

1 turkey sausage (casing removed)

1 T. guacamole

Hot sauce


In a non-stick skillet, cook egg sunny side up. Once the egg is cooked (i like mine over easy so when i slice the quesadilla I have yummy yolky goodness in the middle) Set onto one half of the quesadilla. *Please remember that you will have to fold this thin in half so keep it symmetrical people. * In the same skillet, cook turkey sausage and flatten as it is cooking. It will look like a meat patty – but this will make folding easy. Once sausage is cooked on both sides, lay it on top of the egg and tortilla. Spoon guac onto sausage and top with cheese. Fold tortilla in half and place in the skillet with the egg and sausage love going on. (good flavors there) and grill each side till crisp or golden or however way you like it. Slice into lil pizza slices and drizzle with hot sauce. Eat it up – this thing is goooood.