This is the new addition to my life. I had a crappy phone before but I have happily upgraded to the Palm Centro. So far, I am loving it. Its easy for me to take snapshots of what I eat with my phone since i always carry it (ans uploading camera pics is a total pain in the butt). So thats my new baby… however, some of the quality in the photos is lacking but you get the idea right? Im not bloggin on my ability to take amazing photos… its about amazing food.
With that being said…
I went to two parties this year. One at my BFF, Jay’s apartment in Williamsburg and the other in the Community room of Mom’s building. Jay’s party was mainly for dinner and drinks while moms party was for boogying (like, are you surprised?)

Jay is NOTORIOUS for doing too much. His Christmas gift alone demonstrates his ability to go above and beyond what is expected of him. Here is the first plate of 12 that was being offered at the party. Sausage and Peppers. CLASSIC. Its so simple and yet its a bonafide crowd pleaser. The secret to the plesantries in this dish is in the quality of the ingredients. The chef (Hi Sal!)used homemade pork sausage and locally grown peppers and onions. It was incredibly fresh. The veggies were cooked till they were crisp tender yet they still had a sweetness that comes from cooking the hell out of them. I had two spoonfuls! (oink!)

Regular salad… ZZZZZZ Boring! Skipped this (and so did everyone else I might add)

Arroz con Gandules! This was made by a neighbor. Good flavors but the rice was overcooked; correction, the rice was too moist. When one adds more liquid than necessary to rice, the grain splits and looks like the letter “X”. Lots of “x’s” in this pot of rice. Point for flavor but the texture of the rice was disappointing.

Potato Salad. The woman that babysat me when i was in diapers still loves to cook and she wowed me with this lovely presentation of Potato Salad. It was very simple and consisted of potatoes, mayonaise, tomatoes, eggs, carrots, corn, salt and pepper. It was a nice combination of flavors and the texture was pleasant. Yeah, i had two spoonfuls here too.

Pernil. It was made by the neighbor who made the rice. I was disappointed in this one. It smelled delicious – however, it was incredibly dry. Mine managed to fall off my plate…into the trash. (weird right?) Honestly though, it was tough to chew and very dry. (ever chew on a Brillo Pad?)

Penne Alla Vodka: Praise CHEESES! this was great! This was catered by the sausage man! There were lovely bits of proscuitto in this creamy concoction. It was decorated with fried basil leaves that arent in the picture… They somehow ended up on my plate. I ate this up! And a few hrs later i managed to get a few bites while i was at the other party!

Crab Salad: I cannot eat crab as it makes me very sick. But I didnt care. My old babysitter made this one and it was worth the risk of getting sick ( i didnt get sick by the way). It was creamy and flavorful. I only had a few bites because I was desperate to taste it.

Pollo Al Horno: Thanks rice lady, you made another sub par dish. It wasnt as dry as the pernil but Dude, this was seriously on the DRY AS HELL list. I might be mean but I feel that when someone makes a contribution of Food, it should be good. I know its the thought that counts but no one ate this. Good money, hard work all for nothing. A gift goes a long way when everyone enjoys it and cant wait to have it again. This fell off my plate and out of the window… I know! WEIRD!

Escabeche: YUMMY! Thanks to my former babysitter, this is a classic dish. Its wonderful. Its chopped green bananas with salt, peppers, and something else. I have never made this before but i am determined to learn in 2009. (its tagged! so I hope to try this out someday!)

So that was almost all of the food! At the stroke of midnight I hugged and kissed my loved ones and then proceeded to the community room and danced with mom. It was fun!

This was the first New Years Eve that I spent home and in bed by 2 am.
Post your Resolutions! I still dont have any!