Dear Wii Fit,
Your Mother is Obese.
Love, Me.

Okay, Mom and dad bought me a Wii Fit for Christmas and I waited till I was ready to get back on track before I started to use it. I hooked it up last night and the damn thing was all happy like “Hi, You’re Obese”. Wii fit is a jerk! But thanks for the honesty. I know Im not skinny Minnie but I would never have classified myself as Obese…Chunky? Sure! Overweight? Definitely! Obese? eh, not really. But textbook is textbook and now Im ready to face the music.

With that being said I have a fridge fully stocked with healthy eats. So my posts (i hope) in 2009 will consist of delicious and healthful meals that will bring me out of the said OBESITY. *eek*


Mom hates ripe bananas so she gave me one yesterday and I happilly threw it into some instant oatmeal and rolled oats. I made oatmeal for the first time in months and am happy to report that I will use the other half of that ripe banana for another bowl of sinfully delicious Oatmeal!

Ingredients: Instant oatmeal, Rolled oats, Splenda Brown Sugar, 1/2 ripe banana, 1 tsp of french vanilla creamer, 1 cup of water, and cinnamon

Midmorning I enjoyed a Yoplait Light Key Lime Pie Yogurt. Delish!


I forgot to take a pic…but obviously it was good becuase its all gone!
Ingredients: 3 oz of grilled chicken breast, 1 grilled zucchini, 1 cup of steamed broccoli

And to accompany my veggies and chicken a cup of lettuce with a tsp of nonfat ranch dressing!
Ingredients: Nonfat Ranch Dressing, Letttuce

Dinner: Korean food with Henry (YUM!)

This is half of what was on our table. I only remembered to take a shot 10 minutes after we started eating… but there is a lot left over. (Thanks for hiding all the empty plates babe!)
It was delicious *burp*
See ya Tomorrow!