So, last night i went home and was looking forward to my homemade marinara sauce that was supposed to be delicious but was hugely disappointed and grossed out when I walked into my apt to find a completely GROSS smell.
Words alone cannot describe the smell that this sauce took on. Of all the ingredients that I put in the pot, not one of them seemed to be apparent (I can usually find words for anything so this is a big deal).
I had plans for leftover sauce and now have to make a trip to the grocery store tonight to make some sauce on the stove top, the regular way. More work for me but I would rather get it done right than waste another gallon of sauce (yeah, that much went in the trash).
Which led me on a quest to find ways to rid my crock pot of this awful smell! I googled it and couldn’t really get a solid answer so I combined all the tidbits I could to create a potion for my stinky appliance.
After a quick rinse of the crock pot, I filled it with water, soap, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and baking soda and cooked it on low for about 16 hrs. I kept giving it smell checks and it started out really pungent and this morning the water was a funky brown color. I am taking it as “this pot is now odor free”. The water smelled like a mild onion soup which is quite pleasant compared to the rancid god knows what it smelled like before. i emptied the pot and its sitting on my counter as we speak “airing out”.
My buddy Beth (hi Beth!) gave me some advice and I’m going to try it when i get home for good measure. After experiencing a house fire, Beth salvaged some pots that smelled like “fire”, Red Cross told her to make a paste of baking soda and water, rub it all over the pot, and let it sit for 10 mins. She said the smells were totally gone. I am sure I got most of the smell out but i want ALL of it out and vow to use crock pot liners from now on to ensure I never have stinky food or Ruined sauce!
Peace for now.
I’m onto today’s real entries!