Good Blogger to you today!
How’s about a nice Hot Bowl of Paste today?

Well, I’m sitting here and trying to get through this god awful oatmeal that I made. I omitted the banana, and thought “what difference could half a banana make?” Oh. Em. Gee. it makes a very big difference. Which is why this bowl of oats today tastes like PASTE. I added brown sugar. I added milk. I added cinnamon. I even added sugar and when I re-heated at my desk it was hot lumpy paste. BLECH. I was so desperate to add flavor to this that I poured some of my coffee into it. And now its BROWN Paste.
New Rule, No oatmeal unless there are bananas!
Since my breakfast was disappointing I am going to have another coffee to ward off the snack attacks (at least until 11:30).

Out to lunch with Papa…

We go to lunch about once a week now since I moved out. We try a few places in the downtown Manhattan area now and then but our “go to” place has been and probably forever will be Thai Son. Its delicious Vietnamese Food that draws crowds of all ages and is uber friendly on the dollar; i must note that despite the crummy service, they still have lines out the door during lunch and dinner times. And when I say crummy service… it really sucks…

But when the food is good- I really couldn’t care less if the waiter haggled me for a tip; even after i gave him 20%.

Dad is very easy to please when it comes to Dining out. If I tell him to try something he doesn’t hesitate. It must be that trust thing people always talk about. We started with Vietnamese Summer Rolls. Its a roll made with Shrimp, Cilantro, lettuce, vermicelli, mint, and wrapped in rice paper. It is dipped in a peanut sauce. Dad and I spike ours with Hot sauce. DROOL!

I ordered the Vegetable soup. I love their soups. This huge soup is about 4 cups of soup and was a total of $5.95 – yeah I know! You pay more at hale and hearty. I was craving tofu too and I got a bunch in the soup, it was excellent!

Dad wanted a grilled pork chop with fried rice. He ate it all and I didn’t get to taste any 😦 Don’t worry- I have had it before. He knew I was being greedy *tee hee*.

I’m back at my desk now and i could very well take a nap. zzzzz. Its a cold day and I had a nice bowl of soup. Since lunch was so big, dinner will be light… very light!

If I don’t explode from the big lunch the Snack Attack!!! portion of this blog will look as follows…(otherwise I will eat them tomorrow)

A Whipped YoPlait Light Lemon Meringue… If its as good as Key Lime Pie, Expect more cultured dairy prose.

These are my tangerines. I will enjoy them when i feel like it. Yesterdays photo featured a rotting one… so i only ate one. Its funny when people you know email you and say ‘why do you have a picture of rotting fruit on your blog?’ Thanks for that I say as I toss the rotted thing away. didn’t notice that. Oh well.
For Dinner, i will be enjoying a bowl Eggplant Soup and Roasted Asparagus. All about keeping it light and flavorful people.