Happy Friday Bloggy McBloggertons!
To start off this brisk and sunny day I will show you what I devoured for dinner last night!

Behold! Eggplant soup with lowfat Parmesan Cheese. SLURP! (oh, and the tile near my dish is the Roommate’s favorite tile)

While my dinner was heating up in the microwave, I decided to make my brekkie for today. I used 3 parts instant oats to one part rolled oats, a ripe banana, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Stir stir stir.

Look at those yummy bits of banana! It was a nice smell wafting through the apartment.

My bowl was about to overflow. I ate some and prevented the spillage. So my appetizer before dinner was banana oatmeal. 🙂
I prepped my lunch for today. Its actually yesterdays lunch since dad surpised me by taking me to the Vietnamese joint.

I left the Parmesan Cheese home but this will still taste good.
And my yogurt for later! yay!
I left my tangerines home. So I might take a walk to Chinatown to buy some fresh fruit.
Dinner tonight is up in the air but I really want Korean baked Tofu.