As previously mentioned, I have been a bad blogger. I made several yummy things over the weekend that I wanted to share with you.
Saturday Morning It was starting to snow and my Darling Boyfriend was super sweet and decided to drive me to class to make my life easy. So to thank him I made him a breakfast feast with whatever i could find (i forgot to go food shopping)

I had some eggs, broccoli, cheese, bread, and grits. SO I put it all together and made a frittata with cheesy garlic grits and the last of the toast went to Henry. He loves the frittatas..however, he did comment on my grits.

“I’ve never had them before and they are okay”
OKAY? what? Explain!
Well, if I were to have made these, I’d use hot sauce”
I see, but they taste good? or just okay?
“No babe, they taste good
Whew! thanks!
I made myself the same thing; only more grits (yum!) and No bread.

And this was quite satisfying till the evening when Henry and I went to dinner and Bar Bembe in Williamsburg.


Henry and I missed church and slept till like NOON! I needed groceries really bad and so we went out into the snow in his trusty Truck and by the time we came back it was 2 pm so I made a big brunch for us.

I tried to be sensible but Cinnamon pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon were pretty much what I wanted for brekkie. With a big mug of hot coffee! YUM! Henry was grateful. 🙂

We spent the day playing Wii Sports, he kicked my ass in every category. I got bored quickly. After he left I went to prepare dinner.

I was in the mood for tempura so with my handy-dandy panko flakes I whipped up some oven fried zucchini tempura:


Oven Fried Zucchini.

Broiled Chicken.

Oven fried Zucchini, roasted potatoes

Best Dinner all week!