When you miss the first day of the week, the 2nd day of the week usually sucks.
Having to play catch up on your first day back it difficult…especially when you are trying to catch up on missed blogs.

So here is my post for today. A real post. Not a catch-up post.

For brekkie today i had some leftover pancakes from the brunch Henry and I had on Sunday. There were pretty damn good!

Pancakes cut up with syrup! YUMMY!

Midmorning I went to enjoy the yogurt thats been sitting in my fridge. This is not a prose inspiring yogurt. This yogurt boasts being light and fluffy and really its bubbly and gag-inducing. I do not reccomend this…at all. Not even if you were mean to me.

So I snacked on these instead.

Dinner is up in the air, I might actually make what I made last night. Chicken, with oven fried zucchini and roasted potatoes.