Buenas Dias.
So to go with the wind chill of 5 degrees today I made some hot cereal to warm my body. After the pasty oatmeal incident, I opted for some savory grits this morning.

I added garlic salt, pepper, and a teeny tiny spoon of ricotta cheese (for creaminess) and when it was cooked, I added a slice of sharp cheddar.

This hit the spot. Although, if I may critique myself, I was a little too generous with the pepper. Still good but the pepper overpowered the garlicky goodness. I could still taste the sharpness of the cheese so all was not lost.

Now that I have a boyfriend, food disappears quickly in my apartment. So I have to grocery shop yet again! I managed to find this 3 oz pork chop fillet in the freezer and grilled it up with one side coated in adobo.

I threw in some leftover roasted potatoes and a broccoli crown. This is a well balanced lunch.
random snacks throughout the day.
Dinner seems to be a surprise. Henry is up to no good as i don’t like surprises but i am relenting and revelling in it… You only live once!