I totally called that I was going to bust my ass yesterday! And boy did I! I am currently waiting to hear from the property manager of my building. See…what had happened was, after doing a late night run for milk and cereal yesterday I did some walking on melting snow- this makes shoes wet. And I was wearing Timberland’s (supposedly made for weather like this) and when i walked into my lobby (all marble floors) I had to walk down 3 measly steps to reach the elevator to my apartment. Without so much as a WET FLOOR sign to warn me, I stepped on the first step and flew in the air landing on the remaining two steps… right. on. my. lower. back. OUCH. My eyes welled up with tears from the pain. I felt immediate pain in my lower back and left ass cheek. I searched in hope of a witness (None), but there was a camera in the lobby and in case I am still injured (which I am) I have a witness. yay! I called my idiot super who suggested i slipped on dog urine. In my anger i said some things that were not ladylike and he suggested i call management. Management, probably fearing a law suit, is being very professional. So once i get an update, I will update you.
Back to the regularity of my posts.
Pre-slip and fall, I got home at a good time and started to make dinner. Brown Rice, Roasted asparagus, and baked tofu.

Tofu is very filling so I only cooked 1/2 cup dry brown rice to have half for dinner and the other half for lunch. I slipped on the salt (yuck)
While the rice was cooking, I sliced up my tofu. I wanted to create some sort of portion control because last time i baked tofu I ate the whole thing. I sliced it into ten pieces, 5 for dinner and 3 for lunch… two pieces disappeared. I don’t know where they are and that’s all I’m gonna say… Bake the tofu at 350 for 20 minutes.
When its ready you can put your garlic sauce on top.
And smother it up! I still have garlic breath 18 hrs later. lol. YUMMY! (don’t worry -i brushed my teeth!)
I let the tofu sit while i prepared my roasted asparagus

I took out 14 stalks of asparagus and preheated the toaster oven to 425.

I placed the asparagus on non-stick foil and roasted for 10 minutes. No salt, No Pepper, No Oil. All Flavor. Roasting it brings out a delicious sweetness! Fresh asparagus tastes even better but when life gives you lemons… you roast frozen asparagus.

Yummy Dinner! Henry said Even my hair smelled like garlic. I gave him a vivid image of me eating with my hands and rubbing the food all over my face. I mean SORRY i stink like garlic but its not like i was aiming to! πŸ™‚ are you laughing at the thought of me washing my face in tofu?
When Crying doesn’t help, have a bowl of Chocolatey Delight from Special K.
(that didn’t help as much as i wanted it to)