When thinking about what to have for breakfast, I felt bored with Oatmeal, grits, and other Hot Paste-y Breakfast staples. I rummaged the pantry and found some regular ol’ pancake mix. HOORAY! I made it according to the directions on the box but added a shit ton of cinnamon and a touch of syrup to the batter.
Lovely lil’ silver dollar pancakes went nicely with my coffee and bruised backside.

Lunch was a re-run of dinner but in smaller portions.

I also needed a new snack so I munched on some grapes… These grapes were sour.
I need another cup of coffee…
and a do-over from last night.
Dunno what Im having for dinner tonight. I have some chicken legs in my refridgerator ready for cookin… perhaps some Pollo Guisada
Rest assured that whatever I make, i will post pics!