Henry: Hey, Get Dressed. I’m taking you to IHOP for breakfast
Me: Cool! You know, I’ve never been there before
Henry: What?!?!
Me: (silent)
Henry: Are you serious? You’re joking.
Me: Are you gonna take me to IHOP or what?

SO after an hour of him thinking that i was lying, we finally made it to IHOP and had to wait 45 minutes for a table. Really? 45 mins for pancakes???
When we finally sat down I didnt know what to order; just had to make sure it was a pancake order. Henry knew right away what he wanted and I read the thing over at least three times before i settled on the pancake combo: 2 pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and sausage.

Midway through my meal Henry reminded me to take a snapshot. I saved the pancakes for last. And made it my job to taste every syrup on the table.

Henry got the Meat Lovers Omelet and a side of pancakes that he smothered in Raspberry syrup (if i would have known omelets come with pancakes I would have gotten the veggie omelet). He let me take a bite, and that’s what made me try every syrup on the table.
Hot Maple Syrup: ***** Its a classic and nothing beats a classic
Butter Pecan Syrup: ***** Love at first bite
Raspberry Syrup: **** Nice!
Blueberry Syrup: *** Pretty good but nothing to write home about
Strawberry Syrup: *** Been there done that

I believe we waited for 45 minutes because everyone was too lazy to make their own pancakes. While I dont think IHOP was bad, I thought it was pretty good actually but Im a foodie that loves to cook. I’m pretty sure my pancakes can compete with IHOP but at IHOP I dont have to do dishes. I’d definitely go back for a hangover cure. 🙂

Went home to get some chicken breast marinating for dinner.

Essense of Emeril Smells divine!
This Chicken breast is going to be grilled and served on a bed of oven fried squash tempura! (and maybe some whole wheat angel hair with a garlic aioli sauce.

Tempura was going to take too long and i just wanted to enjoy my squash so I grilled it. I love char marks on veggies!!! YUM!