This post is for Missy. 🙂 *waves*

When it comes to buying produce, I won’t lie, I get whatever is on sale. My freezer is packed with frozen chopped broccoli, frozen broccoli spears, and frozen broccoli florets.

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When Im pressed for time throwing a pack of frozen broccoli into the water is virtually effortless (unless you count the grunting from ripping open the package). It tastes great when you add it to casseroles or frittatas.


When I want to enjoy broccoli as a side dish, I enjoy it WAY more when its fresh. Its not about taste. Its about texture. (and fresh broccoli has a bright green color when its cooked – so pretty!)

Frozen broccoli is pre-cooked and then frozen. When you eat frozen broccoli, its never crisp tender. Its always soggy and soggier; tasty but just soggy.
So last week, when my local grocery store had broccoli crowns on sale for a dollar each, I stocked up! And you will notice that there has been broccoli in damn near every lunch entry in the past two weeks!

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Fresh broccoli needs to get washed before cooking. Slice your broccoli the way you want it. I usually cut the stems up and then leave the florets in tact only bite size. Then I placed them in a colander and rinse with cold water. I let them sit in the colander for a lil while and prepare a pot of salted water to boil. You can add a little butter or oil (or nothing); i do it for flavor. When water is boiling add broccoli to the water and cook on high for 2-5 minutes.

I poke the broccoli with a fork to determine when its done. I like mine fork tender so it still has a bite to it. This is usually acheived after 4 minutes. When its reached its desired texture, strain it and serve it.