As I was getting ready for work today, I felt very proud as I watched the news. I felt my eyes prickling with tears and goosebumps on my arms as I saw the crowds gathered to witness the inauguration of this wonderful moment in history! No disrespect to anyone who voted for McCain/Palin, but Im thrilled because I beleive in Obama. God Bless America. For Realz.

Now onto my post.

Lunch feels really light today. But I have all my calories accounted for. I am light on the snacks today because I noticed I was not eating them all. So why waste space in the lunch bag?

For Breakfast, we have some lovely cinnamon pancakes that I made. I think they are so yummy. Only thing I dont have is the flavored syrups. But my pancakes are packing a tasty punch! So there!

In a desperate attempt to NOT waste a beautiful head of broccoli I cooked the entire head and put some on the side. So prepare for broccoli madness the next few posts. I put a lil BUMMEL and BROWN Butter (yogurt really) and salt. YUMMY!

I grilled up some salmon to keep the broccoli company. I will eat the orange with this meal.
If I feel like it later I will have my ritz crackers.
Dinner at Mom and Dads tonight. Shes making Shake n Bake Chicken. Havent had that since I moved! Pics to follow.