I seem to be making my way around the Diner Circuit in Queens now that Im dating Henry.

When we woke up we wanted breakfast and thinking we would venture to a familiar place he, being spontaneous and adventurous, wanted to take me somewhere new. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new foods; but when Im hungry I like to go with Tried and True rather than New Stuff. Case in Point: Flagship Diner.

My theory, sometimes diners that look rundown hold the best kept secret in town – good food. But this one was slightly disappointing. I mean, diner-fare in general is always just okay. But my recent experience at POP Diner and Georgia Diner (not yet blogged about) has been great! I ordred a Broccoli Cheddar Omelet from Flagship and was sorely disappointed. For cryin’ out loud! Its an omelet! thats EGGS! My brother who is culinarily challenged can whip up some eggs!

The menu boasted “made with sharp cheddar cheese and fresh broccoli”. Yeah. I dont think so. Being a cheese lover, I know good cheese when i taste it. This tasted like imitation cheddar. It was gritty and oily – my guess is that it was imitation cheese or a really cheap brand (neither shocks me) but it was a $10 omelet made with three eggs. And the Broccoli was definately FROZEN. Don’t hate the playa ya’ll, hate the game! LOL

Now the toast, that was AMAZING! Who messes up toast- thats what I thought. I like POP diner the best!

Here is today’s lunch. Grilled chicken breast (i only ate one – it was thin) and grilled sugar snap peas. I went to a Doc appt at lunch so i noshed on a small apple and a 100 cal pack. I didnt take a pic. Before I go home, I will enjoy a cup of chicken soup. And should be going to the gym tonight with Henritos (pray he doesn’t kill me like last time!)