When I got home last night I was exhausted. Apparently, I did not know it was Lunar New Year and was running all over Chinatown looking for toasted seaweed paper to make dinner. No such luck! I found some at my grocery store and they were expensive, Desperate times call for Desperate measures.
I decided that I wanted something quick and the sushi I made will be for lunch today. (All that running around for nothing really)

I was craving eggs. So I made Birds in a Nest. Its pretty much toast with an egg inside. I used a wine glass to cut a hole into my bread. Then i placed the “holey” bread on a lightly buttered griddle. once it starts to get toasty i drop the raw egg in the middle and let it cook for 2 mins. Flip it and salt it. When its done, the bread will be toasty and the egg will be fluffy and cooked. Don’t waste the center. I made a mini grilled cheese with it.

I prepared my lunch and set it aside. I only took one bite- i promise. But I cant wait for lunch!

Breakfast this morning was my good ol‘ pancakes. I had a major batch leftover last time i made pancakes. I wrapped two pancakes in plastic wrap and froze the portions. Easy breakfast!Defrost it and take it to work. When I make a new batch I will post the recipe. Promise.