Kim thought my blog was worthy enough of the “Measures Up” award and I’m very honored. In my acceptance speech I thanked the Underpants Gnome. If you haven’t taken a peek at Kim’s blog yet, finish reading mine then go read hers *tee hee*.
And in the spirit of awards… I will give out some awards as well!
1. Say something nice to a man in your life:
To the most reliable man I have ever known, MY DAD. It can be 1 am on a Monday night and there are no trains coming home, Dad will get up in the middle of the night and find me to take me home. Dad with his big heart and goofy jokes, I love you dad. Thanks for being a great dad!
2. List 6 ways you measure success in your life:
*the number of times I smile at work
*being able to support myself
*Being able to bless others
*Getting this award from Kim
*Having a sense of Pride at work
*Having the ability to change peoples lives with the smallest good deed!
3. Assign 5 other blogs you consider worthy of this award: this is easy 🙂 wish I could pick more……
*Crock Pot Lady
Rock on with your bad selves! I wish i could add more! But that wouldnt be fair to the winners.