I got in to an argument on the train with a lady who’s kid sneezed in my face this morning. I had KID SPIT on my face, near my mouth! Don’t get me wrong- I love kids but that lil mofo sneezed in my face, did not cover his mouth and when i told him he should cover his mouth his mom called me a cunty bitch and told me to mind my business. (and I wonder why people think NYers are A-Holes) I told her she was mother of the year… and a few bonus words that I’m too nice to type. How am I wrong? I was polite! His spit landed near my mouth! that’s gross! ugh!
Then another child took his seat and used my arm as a ramp for a car, then when I made my arm unavailable, he cuddled up on me and started to go to sleep! WTH? I made eye contact with his mom and frowned; his mother said “Honey, that lady doesn’t want you laying on her”. And the kid sat up and pouted. How about “honey, don’t lay on strangers!” Geez!
Okay, Back to bloggy goodness.
Lately, I have gotten into a habit of coming home from work and making a small dinner while i cook a bit lunch for the next day. This happened by mistake and I’m happy with the way its going. While my pot of soup was simmering I decided to make some tuna! YUM.

This pic made me think of Jessica Simpson.

And I like Mayo in my tuna. I know Rachael Ray hates Mayo. She is my hero but Rach, give Mayo a chance! Maybe its a puerto rican thing, lol. Pan con Mayonesa, anyone? I digress…

I realized that i had to heat this up in the broiler for a bit…

but i realized AFTER the first bite. So i ate it the way it was. It was okay. *shrug* tasted like a tuna fish sammie with cold cheese on top lol.

ON to the Soup!

I was in a such a rush last night that I didn’t give this recipe the attention I usually give recipes. And when I say attention I mean I didn’t even look at the recipe. I kind of BS’ed my way into this recipe using what I had in the pantry.
Cream of mushroom soup
frozen mixed veggies
fresh carrots and potatoes
rotisserie chicken
salt and pepper.

I used only the white meat of the chicken and chopped it up.

I let this simmer for 30 minutes. It tastes pretty good. I should have read the directions. But use this recipe for pot pie soup.
Breakfast today is GRITS!
Not as Creamy as yeterdays but still yummy. Note for next time: more salt!
Lunch is Pot Pie Soup. Oranges to snack on and stay tuned for DINNER!