I woke up Sunday morning with a rumbly tummy. I looked at the clock and saw that it was no longer morning. 12:02 pm. Eek! I never sleep that late but last night I met up with some Old High School friends at the Kew Club, which is on my block, and took advantage of $20 open bar (otherwise I wouldnt have set foot in that hell hole) … Hangover Food was in Order.

Not wanting to go very far Henry and I opted to try The Village Diner which is walking distance from my apartment and always closed when we wanted to go. And being that we have been trying a new diner every week I treated this trip as a challenge. The quest to find a good diner in Queens.
It was empty when we got there which made me skeptical. Crowds = great food… but this empty diner was deceiving. Considering that good diners are open 24/7, i was EXTREMLY skeptic about a dinner that closed at 10 pm daily.
I ordered an Egg white omelet with swiss, onions and turkey bacon.

It came with homefries but I wanted regular fries. The omelet was HUGE and the fries were perfectly cooked. The omelet was tasty too.

Henry ordered a breakfast wrap with susage, ham and eggs…oh and cheese. With homefries. He wanted waffle fries but they didnt have any. He was upset.
Over all this diner won me over. Points for being close enough for me to walk there and for having good service!

Open Bar included this layout:

It was for a private party.
Me and my besties from High School. Class of 2001!
The Hangover Culprits!