Went to visit mom the other day and took a boatload of pics and never uploaded them. BONUS BLOG entry! YaHOO!
For some reason Mom gets inspired to bake when Im around. I think she pretends to need assistance with the hope that I will take over (You’re busted mom, aren’t you?)
A few posts ago, I made a disastrous attempt at healthy brownies. I suggested No Pudge next time and guess what was in Moms Cabinet?

Thats right! No Pudge Brownie Mix! I initially heard about this wonderful treat in a Weight Watchers newsletter. I hunted them down and have been hooked on them ever since.
All you need to make these decadent brownies: yogurt and mix. SIMPLE!

Its a P.I.T.A (pain in the @$$) to mix the two together so you should start by adding ALL the yogurt to a bowl and arm yourself with a whisk. Pour the mix in little by little and whisk. This is a P.I.T.A! Once its all mixed pour it into your brownie dish and bake.

I knew the batter felt a little too thick as she poured (scraped) it into the pan. The center pieces were moist but the entire thing was supposed to be moist. We realized that we only added 4 oz of yogurt instead of 6 oz. Had I noticed that in the beginning I’d be telling a different tale. The taste was fine but it lost points for presentation.

Later that day I went out with the DBF (darling/dear/dumb boyfriend – however you are feeling determines which D) took me to Fay Day Bakery in Queens for some yummy treats. We got bubble tea too! I had the Taro Milk tea with Boba (tapioca pearls) YUM and Henry insisted that I try some sweet bun with a sweet buttercream in the center dusted with coconut flakes…it was lovely. But I got excited by the beauty in the pastry case.

As a baker, ‘scuse me, as someone who has attempted to bake, this is HELL annoying to make so I appreciate is beauty! Awesome!

I love the writing in the dusted chocolate topping! And Who doesnt Love Tiramisu??? I actually know how to make that!

But nothing beat the Homemade Cookie that Sofia had given me at work!!! Drool!

And for my Monthiversary with Henritos… (2 months ya’ll) he brought home White Castle which made me laugh. But it was a celebration that called for Murder Burgers.
And before I get bashed for eating a White Castle Cheeseburger, Did you know White Castle takes reservations on Valentine’s Day and have Wait Staff with candles and tablecloths???
Henry, if you are reading this: I enjoy a murder burger every now and then but if you take me to white castle on valentines day this will happen to you.