Before the end of the work day yesterday, Rose called to ask me what she should make with the leftover white rice she had from her Chinese Chicken with Broccoli. I suggested Fried Rice. The task of making her own fried rice seemed daunting to her so she handed the half empty carton to me and said “I think this is a job for your blog”.
Thats a Challenge Rose and I will accept it!
Please note that I did not refer to a recipe nor can I confirm this is the actual way to make fried rice. Its just yummy, ‘k?

To start this project, I heated 2 tbsp of oil in a skillet on Medium heat and added the white rice to the pan.

I tossed it around to get it coated with some oil and then I added some salt and onion powder. It was at this point that I realized Fried Rice has sauteed onions in it… too late now.

Then I added some Low Sodium Soy Sauce. About 2 1/2 turns of the pan and used my spoon to get all the rice coated.

Its starting to look like fried rice! Yum. Then I thought “Wish I had some green peas to add to this”. But I remembered that I have eaten Fried Rice with Eggs in it!

So I dropped an egg into the rice and stir fried it. I gave it a taste and i must say this rice came out pretty darn tasty. Might not be “take out” but it can pass as “fake out take out”.
I am a firm believer of eating well but I believe more so in quality control. The above recipe is delicious and I can tell you everything that is in it! You want to lighten it up? Use less oil and add veggies!

And to make a believer out of Rose I made her lunch today. Chicken wings (from Super Bowl) and fried rice!
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