This morning has been the craziest morning at work and I need to focus on something calming…Blog. Blogging relaxes me. But side note: Damn near everyone I am dealing with today drank from the Moron Fountain.
Lets start today with what I swallowed as soon as I got to my desk; not having time to properly consume my breakfast:

Peanut Butter Pancakes that I had frozen. I lightly drizzled them with maple syrup and chowed down. They were delightfully fluffy (despite the fact that I ate them in record time!)

For lunch, I was trying to think of something healthy and delicious. I found a pack of tofu that was desperate for my attention. Then I BS’ed a stirfry recipe.
I cut up some broccoli and tofu and placed it in a non stick skillet. I should have added chopped onions to it but i was being lazy yet again.
Once the tofu and broccoli started to cook a lil I added soy sauce (two turns of the pan).

I seasoned it with an Oriental RAMEN Soup Packet that i saved when I was making Ramen Lo Mein and was glad I saved it! It gave the stirfry a nice flavor that I tweaked with some garlic and onion powder. The powders allowed the sauce to thicken and made a nice brown sauce.

I served it with some white rice.

It was still steamy when I took this pic! Its a little salty but the white rice should me a nice pairing since its steamed and has no added salt.

I went to see mom last night and she made me dinner:

Her homemade marinara sauce and turkey meatballs! They were outta sight! her sauce has altered over the years. My sauce is more savory and hers is more sweet. I coud taste chunks of tomato and lots of basil. It was absolutely delish!
Mom, if you’re reading this you have to guest blog your recipe.

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