When the alarm went off this morning, I did not want to get up. My sheets were warm and soft. My body was exhausted and I was in the middle of an excellent dream. If it weren’t for the fact that I NEED my annual days for a getaway in March or the fact that I have two paid days off next week I would have stayed my ass in bed. When I left my house (in a rush becuase I just HAD to snooze one more time) my hair was sopping wet and I left my windo open about a foot ( regretting that now). In the elevator on the way down, I read a note that said today there will be NO HEAT or WATER. How lovely! Then when i got to the train station felt my hair had frozen… its okay now though. But i also see that its going to be a lovely 10 degrees when i get home tonight (and probably a negative something INSIDE my apartment!) I will most likely spend the night at Moms house or the boyfriends house.

I packed the last of my PB Pancakes for brekkie.
And really enjoyed my tofu with broc yesterday that I made it again for lunch today.
For dinner last night I decided to make a Taco Meatloaf but when I saw the one pound of turkey ground laughing at me, I thought of adding a “filler”. When I opened my cabinets, I found a can of refried beans. So Taco meatloaf became a Mexican meatloaf.
I started with my ground turkey and dumped it into a mixing bowl with 1 egg and 1 red onion.
I seasoned it with Onion Powder, Garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder and Taco Seasoning.
It smelled yummy. And added the refried beans really gave it volume! It doubled in size!
I put this in the oven for one hour at 375.
When it was done it was a slightly browned.
Sides. I decided to make a packet of Annies White Cheddar mac and Cheese in the mircowave to go with my meatloaf and some Italian Green Beans.
When I sliced the meatloaf, it didnt hold its shape very well. It sort of crumbled a bit. However, the taste is very very good! (prior to baking the meatloaf I grilled a portion to see if it tasted good and it will be a future BURGER recipe! It held up really nice and gave me and idea for a veggie burger too!)
Ah, so since it crumbled I dumped it into my mac and cheese.
and mixed it all up!
Probably having the meat “crumbles” for dinner tonight with Roasted Russet potatoes.