I woke up rather abruptly this morning. I was under the covers, surrounded by pillows and a fluffy pooh bear but it was particularly icy in my bedroom. I remember before going to bed last night that I was blogging with a hoodie and some glovens on because we still had No HEAT and I washed dishes with COLD water. Brr. Yeah sometime in the middle of the night the heat stopped. So I decided instead of being lazy, I would get up and do my Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds DVD to warm my body up. It worked. And I really. Needed. A. Shower. So I walk over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. The water was BROWN last night so I skipped last nights shower hoping this mornings would be good to go. It wasn’t brown but there was no sign of FIRE in the water. It was ICY! I just worked out! I needed a shower! I took deep breaths and took a “Bird Bath”; essentially i just washed certain parts of my body and prayed not to get frost bite in my special places… I didn’t even attempt to wash my hair fearing frozen locks of hair two days in a row! So I put it in a sorry ass pony tail and went to work. My coworkers saw the hair and threw their travel sized toiletries my way and I washed my hair in the sink at work. At least one part of me is really clean.

Onto todays Business.

I prep better for the next day after I have eaten dinner, however, last nights errands kept me out till 8. I was starving when I got home so I helped myself to some cereal and prepped while I ate.

Special K with Chocolate Flakes is my WEAKNESS. When mom goes to Delaware she buys me about 5 or 6 boxes at a time (because its like $2.50 a box!)
I used my big bowl (that’s often found in the ROOMMATES room – Yes Peter, YOUR Room with MY bowl! j k)

Someone gave this to me with the hope I would drink COFFEE out of it… Yah Right, this sucka holds 5 cups of liquid. Are you friggin kiddin me?

While Munching away I started breakfast. While at work I was killing time and read Missy’s blog from Day 1 of her entries. I got some ideas and even re-vamped my shopping list for this week!
I decided that I was going to make French Toast and use Baked Apples as my topping.

How to: Core and Peel and Apple (i left the skin on mine) and slice into small pieces. Sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar (i used splenda brown sugar) and some spray butter. I microwaved it for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This gave the apartment an Apple Pie smell!!!

French Toast time!
I wanted French toast but I wanted to fancy it up a bit. So instead of milk and an egg I used Fat Free French Vanilla Coffee Creamer and an egg white.

I dredged 3 slices of bread in the egg white creamer mix
and placed the slices on a nonstick pan over medium.

Then I sprinkled one side of the bread with Pumpkin Pie Spice.
Give ’em a flip.

One spritz of this butter is 5 calories. I gave it a spritz and needed to test out my new recipe.
Success!!! It went REALLY well with the baked apples! Missy thanks for the inspiration!
Lunch was inspired by Kathy from KathEats. She always makes the most amazing meals and sometimes they are from the simplest of ingredients. Reading her blog keeps me focused on the notion that as long as you eat right, you will eat well!

I took some of the crumbles from the Meatloaf project yeseterday and topped them onto some leafy romaine lettuce. I added a dollop of Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, a few carrot sticks and some italian green beans. Its kind of a Junk Salad. And for dressing.. oh, you’re gonna love this… SALSA! with a sprinkling of pepper jack cheese. (i considered the Salsa con Queso leftover from Superbowl Sunday but the fat content is super high! and whats the point of salad if its LOADED with Fat?)
Mexican Meatloaf became Mexican Junk Salad LOL.

No Idea what Im having for dinner. None what so ever!