So the Kids and I (my coworkers) decided to go on a class trip (group lunch) with a strong recommendation from Andy, who knows ALL the good spots in Chinatown. (Whaddup Andy!!) Andy is always asking about the blog and always asking whats for lunch and inviting me to join the gang. After several “No thank you’s” I finally relented today. He said Chinese Barbecue was the spot today. I had plans with Jess but I had to be back to work at a certain time and I had to postpone (sorry snookums).
Andy led the 10 of us, yes 10 to a small and QUITE busy restaurant on Mott Street called Big Wong King. Its Zagat Rated. Busy is good.

See those prices? InSANE! and The portions are fantastic! I was leaning towards the Roast Duck soup with WonTons and Egg Noodles But everyone was getting something with duck and Pork and I didnt want to be left out…

They served us this deep fried loaf of sin. We all took a piece of it and immediately dubbed it the “Chinese Zeppole“. I purchased one later for a dollar for my Henry. (hi Henry!)

This is the LoMein. This dish is $5.00. hello??? $5! And thats a mountain of LoMein. I got to taste it. Its delightful, the noodles were cooked al dente and were not OVERLY greasy as typical LoMein goes. Good flavors and yummy crisp stir fried veggies added in!

Thinking that i was at the Chinese spot on my block I ordered Iced Tea thinking i was going to get some Home Brewed stuff. Everyone laughed when I looked disappointed. But If Im at an authentic Chinese restaurant, whats wrong with wanting some home brewed iced tea? I will get my iced tea fix at the spot tonight.

Here’s my beautiful plate! Feast your eyes on Roast Duck, Roast Pork, a Fried Egg and some white rice. All this lovely stuff for $5.25 and you are probably thinking “the portions look small”…I couldnt finish my food. The meat alone with an egg satisfied me… but i was being greedy. Andy was going to take us to a Chinese bakery afterwards but our pants felt tight. We are saving the bakery for another day.