Scuse me.

Morning! Went out for Korean last night. LOOOOVE me some Korean food! Ate till it hurt. And went home to watch Private Practice. Woke up today (with lots of hot water!) and realized i did not have breakfast prepared. So, loving the breakfast i made yesterday, I microwaved some apples with cinnamon and brown sugar.

and drizzled Mesquite Honey on it! (stop drooling!)

Then made some oatmeal!

used the baked apples as a topping. Packed it up and took it to work.

When I got to work the oatmeal needed something. So I crumbled 1/4 of a Chocolate Fiber One Bar! Its a JUNK oatmeal. I seem to be on a junk theme this week. Oh wellz.

Last night, I was dreaming of Breakfast for dinner or a piece of grilled salmon when Henry called and said “Yo, me you and peter are going to dinner”. I learned not to argue with the man when he says we are going out. So I called Peter and told him we were having Korean. He dropped the take out menu and got dressed.

We got there, FREEZING, and had a big cup of Hot Green Tea. I love the green tea they serve! So i guzzled it and let it warm me from the inside. *swoon* and gave Henry full reign on ordering. I always let him order for me at the Korean place. His ex is Korean so he has pretty much tried EVERYTHING and will never steer me wrong.
Henry and I opted for the Spicy Pork Stir-fry and it came with so much stuff. I had to take two pics of the table and still left some dishes out.

The red stuff was SOOOO good. Dont ask me what anything on this pic is. All I know is that they were all good… Oh wait, the lonely piece of fish with a tartar sauce – so good. The Kimchee, seaweed salad, and brown stuff got cut out and I couldnt reach it.

Then there is the delicious and massive plate of spicy stir fried pork! YUM YUM YUM. Cabbage with red pepper paste, baked tofu with yummy sauce, and something with beef and potatoes that tasted like spanish food, miso soup and rice.

Peter was boring. He got a bowl of junk. He ate it though, he seemed to like it. But I think deep down he wanted the take out menu. Peter eats well but he’s not into the “foodie” stuff as he says.
I might go to lunch with my girlies Rojas and Cifuentes. Girls, if you are reading this, send me a pic so I can link it and the world can see how gorgeous you are!