I have been tagged by Kim from “I Know, Right” to take part in a picture game. All I have to do is go to the 4th folder where I keep my pictures and post the 4th picture with a short explanation..then tag others. ok…so here goes 🙂

Here is a gorgeous picture of me and my parents. This was taken in the early fall. While visiting my parents, mom was craving some good spanish food. And good spanish food comes from Sofrito in NYC. They serve classic Puerto Rican food like Pernil, Pollo al Horno, Tostones, and the best Seafood Paella I have EVER had in my Life! (be warned, this Paella costs $25…but you get what you pay for – a BUCKET of Paella) And I did not hesitate to accept their invite!
What I love most about this photo is that we were dressed extremly casual for this restaurant but still looking hot! And were enjoying our dinner when every 5 minutes the wait staff was singing Happy Birthday to someone else (about 13 birthdays in the 2 hrs we were there). After a big glass of their EXCELLENT Sangria (potent stuff), mom and I had the giggles and were writing on the table. Since they serve seafood, they have that paper covering on their pretty tablecloths. The waiter was Hot and mom was writing “Hey Waiter, Marry my Daughter?” and in the spirit of all the birthdays we wrote “happy birthday dad” ALL over the table, unbeknownst to him, (his birthday is in March… not October LOL). So, while the cute waiter was clearing the table, he read our little doodles. And No, I didnt get his number.
But No sooner than he left we heard the birthday song again and were like “Damn, whose birthday is it now??” and they all came around DAD and sang to him. His face was priceless… mom and I were beyond hysterical. And this picture was taken while we were on our way out, full and a lil tipsy. We laughed at it for hours! Im sure that if mom and dad read this entry they will crack up again!

I am requesting these 3 people to do the same ….

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