When I got home last night I wanted something quick and yummy. I am getting bored with my leftovers (who wouldn’t) and really wanted eggs…but I didnt want to waste my leftover beef and potatoes… and It hit me.


I chopped up the leftover potatoes and beef that I made the night before and added 3 broccoli florets and chopped them up too.

I beat two eggs and combined them with a little bit of skim milk. I added salt and pepper and lightly cooked the eggs before adding the “junk”. I placed the entire pan in the oven at 425* and cooked for 8-9 minutes. I meant to take more pics but Henry called and needed recipe 911. Once I was off the phone and his Chicken LoMein was on the mend, my dinner was done.

I sprinkled some Parmesean Cheese on it and sliced it into 4 pieces. I served myself two slices (or half of this concoction) and a slice of toast.

YUMMY! With a slice of toast sprayed with butter.

It was quite pleasant. It was like a steak and egg omelet with home fries…diner food! Sweet! And healthy too!

Happy to report the above photo is the last of the beef. I had that for lunch today – I am officially sick of it!
Around snack time I wanted a snackeroo, so i opened my Laughing Cow Cheese and veggie Crackers and had at it.

So good! I highly recommend the Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese! It goes great in sandwiches or on crackers – even on toast. Its creamy and flavorful and SUPER low in calories!

Last week, I went to Moms house ( gotta love that mom!) and came back with groceries (Oh Mom!). She gave me some instant oatmeal that Poppa-Dukes wasn’t eating (‘sup Dad?). Oh, yeah, they read this blog. Say hey to the folks readers! lol.
I am getting bored with plain oatmeal so i grabbed a mystery packet today and make it for breakfast at work. It was a Maple and Brown Sugar with Crunchy Granola Topping!

I really enjoyed the texture of this oatmeal and the sweetness! The granola did, however, get soggy after a few minutes but still totally enjoyable!
For some strange reason, at 12 i was starving… so I ate one of these mama-jamas. The verdict: pretty good. It was a little warm- would probably be AMAZING with ripened Strawberries. And Im currently noshing on these as I type this lovely entry.

For dinner tonight, I have some Tofu that needs my attention, so i might make a stir fry. Stay tuned for pics!

Pre-dinner Nosh! Chinese Pear.

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