I am a CEREAL ADDICT! My favorite thing to put in my cereal is a sliced banana.
Lately, milk hasn’t been agreeing with me and cereal is a trigger food for me so I conjured up a happy medium thats healthy and crave-worthy. I can’t lie though. Many moons ago, when i was a hardcore FoodNetwork Junkie, I used to watch Ham On The Street with George Duran. Don’t know if it still comes on anymore but I loved this show! One episode, George created a breakfast station in the summer time on a Commuter Platform with cereal, bananas, Popsicle sticks, and liquid Nitrogen. I made my own version of this. Its healthy and so yummy (its roommate tested and approved) Please read on:
your favorite cereal (Special K Chocolatey Delight)
one banana

I placed a cup of cereal in my food processor and pulsed till it was roughly chopped. You can easily do this by placing the cereal in a baggie and punching the crap out if it…if its that kind of day. But I was in the mood to make noise.

This part intrigued the Roommate. He reached over and grabbed a handful of dust and munched. He did the yummy nod.

Next, I sliced up the bananas using my UBER cool Cutco table knife. (I used to sell this crap) Look how lovely those naners look!

Then rolled them around in the cereal dust. You have to be a little aggressive with the coating. Try to get the grounds to stick into the banana flesh, but if you do it too hard you will have to eat it. (which is why i used three bananas)

This is one banana all loved up with some Special K. Peter (the roommate) saw and wanted to be a taste-tester. So i made him a WHOLE banana.

George Duran coated his banana treats this way on a Popsicle stick and then dipped them into the liquid nitrogen. I wrapped this in plastic wrap and stuck it in the freezer.
Apparently, this is a great midnight snack as Peter came to find out. He approves and is on a banana encrusted cereal mission. I believe hes buying bananas as we speak.
I intend to use my bananas as a topping for a strawberry yogurt… or one bite at a time. Frozen banana is yummy!
Now you can have your cereal fix without all the calories.