What a Gorgeous day! In honor of the 62* weather in NYC today, I am going to treat myself to a pair of GOOD Sunglasses. In the recent past, I purchased a pair of shades from Daffys and they were gorgeous but broke after a week (maybe I’m just too fly for them) so I bought another pair of the exact same style and they broke in the same exact place. I have come to decide that these glasses suck! Since I already spent two times the amount the glasses were worth, I figure I should just buy a really good pair from a brand that i trust; Coach, Prada, Gucci, etc. And if said pair of glasses breaks, the brand will likely replace them.
So there.

This was my cute snack last night… A glass of Apple juice, a mug of pretzel minis and a shot glass of Hummus… Unfortunately, I just threw most of it away. Just wasnt feeling it. ANYWAY

You will be seeing lots of yogurt. Bear with me. In the next few days i will be compiling a review for Chobani. In an effort to refrain from constant repetition, that is all i will say. 🙂 Gotta love a good Cliff- hanger.

Peach Chobani. I am big fan of the greek Yogurt. I usually eat Fage 0% with splenda and sliced strawberries but this peach one (made me gag when i thought about it) was surprisingly good.

Not photographed is the Bialy that I scarfed down when i came in. Im terrible! Hopefully shopping for sunglasses will burn off a bite (a girl can dream can’t she?)

Its essentially what I cooked for dinner last night but did not eat. I had chocolate pudding and half a grilled cheese for supper last night. I need to start eating better dinners. I’m working on that!
After peeking at several other blogs featuring Tofu and remembering the remaining two pieces in my fridge, I opted for a stir fry using a bottled variety of sauce. I used the Kikkoman Stir fry sauce. If you are pressed for time, this sauce will save your life.

I started out by slicing the tofu and placing it onto my stove top grill with a spritz of EVOO.
While the Tofu was a-grilling, I boiled some thin spaghetti and broccoli for 4 minutes with salt and a drop of oil.

And got a pasta facial. The pasta steamed up my lenses the first few times. This one was a good shot! You will notice the corkscrew pasta pushed up against the corner. Roomie throws away the pasta he doesnt eat. And when i got home these were still in the colander. He knows im not wasteful so he left them there for me. He’s so thoughtful.

After straining, I threw all the goods (tofu, broc, pasta) in a nonstick skillet and added 1 1/2 turns of the pan of Stir fry sauce.

And I stir-fried it… for about 5 minutes. I took a taste and nodded. It is indeed yummy. And I added it to my lunch bowl. I hope to enjoy it AFTER my visit to the Chiro.

If a snack attack commences some time during the day i will choose from:

The banana that I keep using as a phone. (My bro sings a lil jingle called banana phone… and every time I have a banana I sing the song as a tribute to the coolest lil bro ever. Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring… banana Phone… ring ring ring ring – Okay. the moment is over)

And I made this yummy chocolate pudding last night! I need to look into the single servings that Missy always makes. When the pudding was done I kept digging into my big bowl and probably ate 2 servings of Sugar Free, Fat Free Chocolate Pudding. :-/

MMMM. Chocolate Pudding I was going to make a White Chocolate pudding to go with this… and layer it up but I cant trust myself! Oh the humanity!


Girl Scouts and their Stupid cookies. 😦 I eated it.

20 mins later… i eated this one too.