Looky at what I got in the mail!
Let it be known that I have never had regular POM Juice and am really curious to try it! I got 6 bottles to experiment with and foresee an alcoholic beverage recipe in the near future.

One POM bottle is 16 oz and contains two servings of juice. It contains 150 calories per serving… Or 300 cals for the whole bottle (yiiikes)It seems that the bottle looks smaller than what it is. I split this bottle with Henry. Henry is a lover of all things sweet (which is why loves me so much) and he did not like it at all…but he drank it because he knows its good for him. I found it to taste like a hybrid cran-grape juice. Cranberry tartness and grape juice consistency. It wasn’t awful but it did have a certain tartness too it.
Im thinking of using my 4 remaining bottles of POM to make:
Chilled POM soup
POM Martini
POM spritzer
POM ice cream/sorbet
Breakfast was a blueberry Chobani and a POM that I still drinking. I really want some green tea… so im gonna put the POM away. The Chobani is AWESOME. I really love the Blueberry one, But I think the Peach is still my #1.

Yesterday Morning Henry and I went to Village Diner and I had a sausage and Swiss Omelet with fries.

I’m starting to feel sick and I wanted some serious comfort food. I love this combo together. I ate breakfast around 1130.
I slept for the remainder of the day and woke up hungry at 730. Henry ordered chinese.
A word about Take Out: Its become a habit as of late to take my chinese food and eat it out of my own dishes at home. I used to eat right out of the carton and feel sick to my stomach. i come to find that restaurants pack in about 5 cups of food respectively in an order; next time u order Chinese you should measure it.
I poured myself a glass of diet soda and 1/2 cup of fried veggie rice, and 1 cup of chicken with broccoli. I ate the egg roll because those things are not yummy when reheated (in my opinion anyway). I was STUFFED! And I have more than half a trays worth of chinese food in my fridge. I am having some for lunch and the other 1/3 will be for dinner.
I came in to work today and found these on my chair: