So I missed work yesterday. I needed one more day off the ankle. I was in bed all day and had nothing to eat or drink but a cup of coffee…
I was in the mood for chicken but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I thought about broiling it but I’ve done that already, I thought of frying it, but that would be unhealthy and a bitch to clean. So i trimmed the chicken while my brain went to work.

I remembered some leftover white rice I had and some broccoli… and then my dinner was born.

I seasoned the chicken with adobo, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Then I rubbed a little EVOO on it.

I chopped an entire red onion and placed it all over the chicken. I put a lid on it and slow cooked it in the oven on 275* for an hour. I made sure the meat was cooked by using a thermometer.

The chicken was moist and fell right off the bone. The onions cooked nicely and created a delicious sauce from the drippings and onions. I was in the mood for raw broccoli… so i ate it raw.
It was a great meal. Hearty, satisfying and easy on my ankle.