I have been MIA. So Sorry. A lot has happened over the course of 4 days. No wait… 5 days.

On Valentines Day, I went to dance class as usual…and injured myself. Not knowing what Henry had planned for us over the weekend, I just unknowingly jacked up our weekend. The original plan was a hike in the Catskills mountains to a cabin in the woods. No tv, no cellphones, just us by the fire. But I’m a JACKASS that got hurt. So he made a plan B… and this was surely a Valentine to remember.

Part one of our Hike was go stargaze in his truck. He laid out all my pressies in the truck with blankets so we could be warm while we looked at the stars with his super cool telescope. But plan B was a hotel in the mountains that was Hike free. (can you imagine how terrible I felt?) All was not lost though, the dinner by the fireplace turned into dinner at his favorite dinner upstate, Johnny G’s, where he said “they have the best wings I have ever had”. Wouldn’t you know it, we ordered some wings.As far as wings go, I love wings from Hooters any day but I tried these. They weren’t terrible. But he loves them. Not me. I like wings that are crispy and hot. These were soggy but the hot sauce had a sweet taste to it. All in all- Not bad. I made a joke that we drove 3 hrs upstate for an order of wings.
When we settled our check, the hostess gave me a rose. She said Valentines day is my day. I agreed. LOL. I had a pic of it and now its gone… danggit.

This is the view from our hotel. How perdy?

Well… On day 2 we planned on sightseeing. And Henry thought I should be given a test to see if i could handle a mini hike. I didn’t want to… but he insisted. So he walked, and I limped.

I should have ran away when i saw this. Ladies and gentleman, this is the mini-hike. Icy- steep- dangerous for a klutz like me, mini hike. The scenery was beautiful. And Henry believes in me and my busted ankle – so he was very encouraging, as he defends himself – i say he was pushy.

This is an example of the incline at which he had me hiking, with Timbs, designer jeans, and a coach bag. I fell three times. And hard. And Henry witnessed a tantrum/meltdown that I had when i had enough falling and twisting an already injured ankle. He hiked on without me and felt really really bad that he took his ill-equipped girlfriend this far.
He got some videos of the waterfall. This is the waterfall which pics do no justice for. It stands at 250 feet, the largest in New York.

We skipped breakfast so I was pretty hungry after hike. We went back to johnny G’s and ordered some paninis. Henry got the Chicken parm one..I think. I got the philly cheesesteak.
Not as yummy as the ones from philly but when you’re hungry- You are hungry.
When we got back to NYC, Henry gave me my final present. He wrote a song for me and played it on his guitar.
Overall, a very memorable Valentines Day.