Has anyone kept up their new years resolutions? Now is around the time that they all kind of die. But its a good thing I resolved to not make one in 2009. I mean seriously, if I dont set myself up to fail, I cant fail right? ah, whatevs. I am always making an effort to lose weight- now that I have a boyfriend I find it harder to do. So I got to make important changes where ever i can. One thing I would like to start doing is having heavy lunches and small dinners. I have sort of been doing this but only because im too hungry to make an extravagant dinner… lets see how long this one lasts…

For Breakfast today I had a lovely Fiber one Bar. Anyone ever try these? They are insanely delicious! Lots of Fiber so it keeps you full and chocolately goodness makes it taste like its bad for you. With some coffee! YUM.

Lunch, Whole wheat capellini with Seared Salmon and steamed broccoli. I added some stir fry sauce to the capellini. Big Lunch! I was so full!

3 pm snack attack- good old asian pear. I am getting sick of these. I need something sweet or not sweet. But this is a combo of both. It looks like an apple, tastes like a pear that hasnt graduated sweet school yet.
When I got home I was thinking eggs and toast. Then i saw all the broccoli i had in the fridge and thought *sigh* frittata.

Found some turkey sausage. Sliced it up while it was still frozen and grilled them up.

can you see the sizzle? While the last side was browning, I preheated the oven to 400* and chopped some broccoli for my eggs. I used 2 eggs with a splash of fat free milk to make them fluffy.

Whisk away! add salt pepper and whatever else you add to your eggs. I add parm cheese – just a sprinklin.

Pour it all into a pan and let the bottom cook a little. Move everyone around in the pan to make sure that everyone is mingling. The Broccoli often likes to hang out together but spread it all over the joint.

bake for 10 minutes or until the egg solidifies. I removed mine when the edges get brown.

I sliced it in half and took a pic so you can see there is something in every bite!

Serve with toast. And eat it.
Its really good. I love breakfast for dinner!