I think Rach made this on the first season of her show. I saw it, I loved it and I craved it. I shot the idea by Peter, the Roommate and he was extremely intrigued.

Start out with a serving of pretzels. The first time I made this dish, I used flat pretzels but its all about what you like. If you want to use honey pretzels, cheddar pretzels, whatever – it will work too.

Put the pretzels in a sandwich bag and beat the crap out of it. Or pulse in your food processor. I needed to beat up some pretzels, so i did. it felt good.

I used one chicken breast that i sliced in half. You dont have to. Mom hates that because she likes a thick chicken breast but I hate overcooking my chicken so I make it a little thinner. Plus I can use the little one for tasting.

And I love my pretzels with mustard so I picked this yummy TJs spread.

I think RR used it as a dip in her original recipe but I used mine as glue for the pretzels. I might have added too much mustard but I am only coating one side.

Slam those pretzels onto the chicken. Press it in slightly to make sure it sticks.

Since my pan was already hot, I grilled these with a little oil. They crisped up nicely but I think they would crisp up even nicer in the broiler.
Couldnt decide on a side dish so I sliced it and laid it upon a bed of salad. It is now Pretzel Chicken Salad with honey mustard dressing on the side.

Taste test: Roomie HATES mustard but doesnt mind the taste. He did say the first bite is heaven but a lil after that you get some mustard taste. He also said he might like it more with less mustard and that i should open up a bistro.

Next time: I might try this with crushed POPchips (pop- chicken