Not only am I behind in reading my favorite blogs but I haven’t blogged a thing all weekend. Mondays get a little cooky for me when I take pics and don’t upload them till Monday. So we shall have a weekend recap followed by a regular post. I think there will be 3 posts today! Luck you!

Left my camera home but went to CUBA to celebrate my friend Nechama’s birthday.I enjoyed two of the best raspberry mojitos I have ever had and a delicious dish grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and pureed garlic cassava. They give free cuban cigars away at this restaurant. and after dinner we danced off the calories at Sutra.
Alright, I confess! Having a boyfriend has kept me away from my friends and family. I vowed in my last relationship that I would have just as much “me” time as “we” time. But I’m in love and its still new and he doesn’t get on my nerves yet. But mom and dad called and invited me to dinner. I seized the opportunity. A distant relative had recommended Anthony’s for a nice Italian dinner.

When we arrived, we were ignored. The restaurant was empty and the Maitre’d approached us a good 5 minutes after we walked in. I know, 5 minutes is no big deal but the Maitre’d was just talking at the bar like he had nothing to do. He seated us and handed us menus, he said polite things but had NO polite tone. The couple next to us however, got 5 star treatment he checked on them every 5 minutes.
We got some bread. It was hot, the middle was soft and the crust was crunchy. I have yet to find a place with terrible bread.
As a family, we decided to order an appetizer. Baked Clams is a favorite. I must say these clams were good. They came out fast. But our waiter did not check on us yet.

I wanted something familiar but something that I cannot have everyday. I chose the Rigatoni Las Vegas which is essentially rigatoni in a vodka sauce with peas and chicken. The chicken was tender, the pasta cooked al dente. The sauce tasted like its been sitting in the pot all day on low and was not a familiar shade of orange but more like a brown (which tells me its a little burnt) And the peas weren’t cooked long enough. Peas are not meant to be tough…right? or is it just me? All that fuss over a pasta dish ($15) and it was sub par.

Dad got a seafood dish with delicious scallops, mussels, clams, and a lobster tail served over linguine. He enjoyed it but we all kind of felt the same way. “Edible, but not great”

Mom got some Veal Parmigiana. The sauce was thick and rich (and it doesn’t sit so well with us when its like this) but the veal had a nice flavor. Mom was satisfied with her choice.
We all opted OUT of dessert because we were not impressed with the food here. And the waiter never came by to check on us. They seemed to just take our order and drop the food on our table when it was ready. I have had better experiences at La Traviata in Brooklyn; and we kind of all agreed that was our favorite spot. Later that night we all tummy aches…
I was in the mood to go to Bonfire and see a movie. The place was dark and I still took pics. Sorry. I have been to Bonfire about 3 times since I moved to Queens and while their menu looks impressive, I am a big fan of their burgers!

Having not eaten all day (stupid move) Henry and I ordered an appetizer that we inhaled. It was a delicious spinach and artichoke dip with tri color torillas.
Next up: Bonfire Burger. Its a 12 oz sirloin burger topped with chevre (goat cheese) caramelized onions and bacon served on a focaccia bun. NOM! And a side of fries. I love they way they cook their burgers.
I have somewhat of a sensitive stomach when it comes to red meat and they serve quality meat. It does not bother me in the slightest. Henry had the Steakhouse burger which is a 12 oz sirloin topped with creamed spinach, Gruyere cheese, and two onion rings. Served with fries. The burgers will cost you $12 here, and Henry goofed that we could have went to Johnny Rockets for burgers but that was before he tasted them. I quote he said “Getting burgers in this joint feels like going to a Nobu for chicken teriyaki” but he changed his mind. One helluva burger. After dinner we saw He’s Just Not That into You. We enjoyed it. And Henry got a quick lesson on the over analytical mind of a lady. “babe, do women really think that way?”

Yes Henry, we do (most of us).
And this part is all Missy’s fault:
Sundaes. I tried to be sensible. 1/2 scoop of vanilla ice cream, one half of a banana, Sugar free fat free chocolate syrup and a dollop of whipped cream. Just one serving. I enjoyed it. But feel it can be dangerous to have such treats in the house!