Look at what the lovely folks over at PopChips sent me! I was relieved to know that this package was waiting safely at a neighbors house. As soon as I got it, I opened it up!

Lots of PopChips for me to play with…I mean try and fall in love with and tell you all to try. If I learned one thing with these blogs is that when i read your blogs, I get hungry and I go out and buy what people wrote about. So hopefully you see what I have to say about certain products and trust my opinions. Be warned, you might want to go out and get some PopChips of your own.
As promised when I made the Pretzel Chicken, i was going to try a PopChicken.

So After dance class on Saturday, I got cooking. I had a chicken leg and thigh hanging out in the fridge that needed to be eaten. I used one egg white, 1 bag of Parmesan garlic pop chips, and some fresh ground black pepper.

I opened the bag a tiny bit to let some air out while I crushed the chips to crumbly pieces.

See? Crumbly.

Then, I dredged the chicken in my egg whites and then pressed the chicken into the PopChips. I like the way it sounds when I do this. I’m weird that way.

Here are the two lovely pieces of chicken. One bag of PopChips was just enough to coat two pieces of chicken. I sprinkled the chicken pieces with pepper.

I put the toaster oven on Broil. And used Nonstick foil. I cooked each side for 30 minutes.

After one hour. DROOL. BY the way, the apartment smelled like pizza.

I let the chicken sit for a while so the juices could be evenly distributed and plated the chicken. Once it slightly cooled, I went in for the bite. It crunched. It was heavenly, it was not greasy but tasted like fried chicken. The garlic Parmesan flavored up the chicken very nicely and I might not enjoy chicken any other way.
Imagine what you could do with sliced boneless chicken breasts??? PopChips Chicken Nuggets Anyone?