After a disagreement with Henry, I went to bed at 10pm last night. I figured I might as well get a good nights sleep since neither of us are speaking (Don’t worry- We are OK now) and was startled at 2 am when I remembered that I had my bread machine working on some Italian Herb Bread that was scheduled to be done at Midnight. So I hopped out of bed, plopped the loaf into a container and shut the appliance off. Then at 430 I was startled out of bed when my smoke detector (which sounds a lot like a nuclear strike warning) went off and was BLARING! There were NO signs of smoke anywhere and I couldn’t figure out how to disarm it. Im sure it woke the neighbors. Roomie woke up and helped disarm it. This has happened before so I warned Peter that it might go off again for no reason whatsoever. He took my warning and threw the damn thing in the kitchen drawer. 20 minutes later it went off again. I got up, disarmed it and went back to bed. ANOTHER 20 mins later, it went off… This time Peter ran out of his room and stole the batteries to it. It beeps no more. By this time it was 5 am. I couldnt sleep… so why did i MAKE myself? Only to wake up 2 hrs later. Worst sleep ever! I was exhausted. I should have stood up and did some Yoga or something… jeez.
For brekkie today I brought some Vanilla Chobani and a Banana. I only ate the banana. So the yogurt waits for me till tomorrow.

I ran out of Shampoo so at the suggestion of my coworker, i went to LotLess. Its a closeout store of sorts downtown Manhattan and they sell so many things for practically nothing. I went for shampoo and came out with Office Loot! I got Cocoa Via Bars (2 boxes) for $.99! I got the Trident splash for $1.99, Milky Way 100 cal bars for $.99 and the shampoo for $1.99…not pictured: Halls Raspberry Cough drops $.99.

I tasted the Milkway and its mega yum! its a nice size and will go GREAT in my dessert later! (ice cream – duh!) MMM. Milky Ways in Vanilla Ice Cream!

Then i had a square of the 100 Calorie Cocoa Via Bar. It has Blueberries and Almonds in dark chocolate. Its good but I cant have too much of this…its too sweet. But I think it will taste good chopped up in my yogurt or oats. And when I got back I ate my lunch! Turkey and American Cheese, mayo, spicy mustard, and Lettuce. Accompanied by some red seedless grapes and a sliced pear.

And later today, when I have a snack attack I will be reaching for the BBQ PopChips. Nom! Im in the mood for some of that chicken I made over the weekend!

My fruits in my lovely Fit n Fresh pack. I hate my fruit when its too cold. Its not warm but its slightly chilled in the pack. YUM!

The Sandwich. I really like the way the density of the Trader Joe’s White Wheat Bread. Its a thick slice of bread that holds up well when its chilled. Most white breads get thin and soggy, this is chewy and fluffy at the same time.
Last night, pre disagreement, the boy came over for dinner. I had tofu on the brain and this was the easiest thing I could make…

I used soy sauce, chicken bouillon, onion, garlic, broccoli, 2 eggs, and whole wheat capellini. Seasoned with Hot pepper flakes. It was really good.

I overestimated how much we were going to eat. I have leftovers and I might have them for dinner tonight or tomorrow. I have some ideas brewing for dinner…. I have some polenta that i want to cook… I have feta cheese I dont want to forget about….and I have an eggplant that I bought because it was $1. what should i do?