My Home Skillet Sarah over at Mom on the Run has bestowed upon me the Honor of a Blog Award.
I would like to thank my bank account for staying in the black, during these economic times, that has enabled me to grocery shop ( like a bad mutha-shut yo’ mouth) and fulfill all my culinary experiments that make people foodgasmic. And a big Hey to the Mom, Dad, Bro, and Boyfriend.

Please see my honorees for this award:
Christo at ChezWhat?
Kim at I know, Right?
Lauren at Healthy Delicious
Carol at Uncovering Food
Missy at MissyMaintains

AND IN WINNING NEWS…. I won something! I never win anything! I win Country Bobs sauce from Missy’s page.
Im so happy I could cry. But I wont. Thats silly. tee hee!