As promised, I have Pictures from the Foodie Event that I went to last night.
I received this wickedly Awesome email from Foodbuzz and the first 10 or so that rsvp’ed got it. Duh, I was one of the ten. I thought I was the first one but obviously I was not when I was handed a blank name tag and made to write my own name as if I were some foodie stepchild.
I digress, I really want to talk about my first foodie experience! It was amazing. I snapped a shot of the welcome sign because I saw my reflection and thought OOO Pretty. When I got there, there weren’t many folks there yet so I peeped the menu and ordered a drink. I didn’t really read any of the drink names but I thought I would start off with getting the featured drink, Rachel’s Verbena Daiquiri

Rum, Lime Juice, and Sugar. I ordered 3 or 4 of these and they eventually became known to me as the Rachel. “yeah, gimme one of them Rachels

I took my Rachel with me to an empty couch and this pretty blond lady sat next to me and the schmoozefest began. Her name is Cynthia and she is a nutritionist with Shape Magazine (and after googling her name I found out she is the author of the Flat Belly Diet) And after a lengthy conversation about Tofu we were interrupted by one of the organizers…

While the tofu talk got cut out I munched on the most amazing mozzarella stick ever…i think it was the sun dried tomato marinara sauce… nom! And as Cynthia spoke to me, cheezy goo oozed from my mouth. God I feel like such an ass- but what else is new! Then i dripped sauce into my lap. She must have thought “this poor girl must have a mental problem” And she’s write because I bought the damn Flat Belly Diet book and I didnt even recognize her name! stupid stupid stupid!
But then, the dog found me (who claims to have recognized me by my nose) and saved me from the tofu talk that turned into an estrogen gab-fest on the “texture of the curds”. blech.

The dog had his pup with him and I got a pic of the pup’s feet while I was taking a pic of my half eat monk fish. The monk fish was sooo good. It had a roasted red pepper foam on it.

Then, with strong enthusiasm from the FB diet lady, I had to try the hummus. It was cube shaped (which I got a lil ignorant about “how do they get it like this? OMG“) yummy goodness all over it. I loved it. It was something that i could have eaten with the monk fish all night. Dreaming of it. Drooling over it. Moving on…Because the foodgasm was short lived with the medicine shot, I mean shit, dammit, I mean the Bruschetta shot. Which tasted like medicine and or shit – so you see why I got it confused. I did not have seconds, Nor did I want to ever look at it again. Seeing this shot pains me even now, I need a Rachel.
Look! Bloggers! From Left to right: Marc from No recipes, Nichelle from Cupcakes take the Cake, and the Dog from ChezWhat? (lookout foodies…we’re sarcastic and armed with utensils)
I scored some swag and still managed to act like I was stealing it by placing it in my purse behind the bar. Its free. Why do i always feel like I’m stealing when I take what is F-R-E-E. I happen to have tasted some of this stuff while they were walking around. I managed to try a Sun Dried tomato cottage cheese and I was sad when they didnt have any samples to take home. I did not cry I just took what was around.

i got stickers – because sometimes I like to put ridiculous stickers on stuff that will eventually get thrown away. Seriously, what is the purpose of stickers? And Why do i have 5 sheets of the same stickers?
Because stickers are useless and they wanted to give all the leftover stickers to anyone who would take them. “hey, yeah you, take these stickers! they’re free”

I was glad to take this candle though. Its a soy candle that smells amazing! It smells like the chapsticks I used to eat…i mean wear as a child. I let Henry Smell it and he held it on his nose for a good 20 minutes. I could not pry it from his hands. He looked really funny curled up on my bed inhaling a candle and turning in every direction to keep me from taking it back.

Here’s my handmade name tag along with a 2 G Flash Drive with info on the yogurt and Cottage Cheese. If I know someone named Rachel, this would make an excellent Re-gift. No?
I might have been a little buzzed when i got home… But don’t worry, I didnt email the Flab Belly Lady until this morning – so I sort of redeemed myself.