I got home last night a lil bleary eyed but I managed to see there was a foodie type of package with my name on it.
Looks edible… Oh the brownie bowls I will have! As much as I nibbled on at the party, being buzzed makes me munch mindlessly…And I picked a good one. SCORE! its like the best part of the muffin… the top! very smart.
This one is bigger than my TV! thats insane!
Correction: the photo above is insane. It might be me having a giggle over chocolate. Don’t act like its just me people…
In the kitchen was this big ugly brown paper bag. I think Brown Paper bags are so ugly! I dont know why i hate them so much… but inside was mexican that my roommate ordered oodles of and kindly saved me some. He doesnt get to feed me often so I let him hook up some chicken and steak fajitas. they got some guac love, sour cream, refried frijoles, and hot sauce… oh dont forget the meat! Plopped everything onto the wrap and nuked it for 1 minute. I should have whipped out the George Foreman and grilled these suckers. But I decided this was fine. My verdict: Not authentic Mexican. But it was edible and extremly kind of Roomie to feed me (since I feed him a lot) and I was grateful….Not so snobbish now am I?