Its Thursday. I normally wake up at 7:30 am to go to work but at 5 am, my alarm clock woke me up. 4 hours ago I was still awake… Damn that Henry set the alarm so he could take me to breakfast before work. At 5:21 he kicked me out of bed and I got ready. Once I hit the shower i was wide awake. When I was dressed and ready to go at 6 am (record time) guess where Henry was?
Under the Covers.
So I had to be Drill Sgt and get him out of bed to fulfill his wishes to get breakfast at the butt crack of dawn.

At 6:45 we ended up at Tower Diner because the Village Diner was closed and T-Bone Diner sucks. Plus, I have been wanting to try this place since Missy recommends it. (Sorry Missy, it was really early and I didnt have the heart to wake you!)

We got there early so we perused the breakfast specials. I love breakfast specials but I honestly hate ordering these days. I never seem to know what i REALLY want. It makes me sad.

But Coffee always makes me happy. And I had my splenda with it. And can I just say God Bless Free refills times 3!

I ordered the Spinach Florentine omelet with Egg Whites and a side of sausage.

Then I got fancy with it. This is a good pic if I may say so myself. I always love the pics in Kath’s Blog… But shes fancy that way.

Henry got the steak and eggs. he dumped half a bottle of A1 on the steak with some hot sauce and was shoveling man sized bites into his mouth. He always tastes my food and I always taste his (even on our first date) and today he SHOVED a HUGE forkful in my mouth and was eager for my “yea” or “nay” but I was chewing for about an hour… okay like a whole 2 mins. that’s crazy. After I finished the crazy chunk of beef shoved into my mouth I decided I like steak without A1 sauce. But it was okay. Sorry babez.
Verdict: Nice Diner! Dont know why I have never been there. I would much rather go there than T-Bone Diner! I really liked their home fries (which is huge because I hate home fries) and wasnt too crazy about the omelet because there was more feta cheese than egg whites and I need a little of both. Next time I will get the Swiss and Mushroom omelet…I can never have enough swiss!