A few weeks ago i received some PopChips to try and review. The people over at PopChips are fantastic and I loved working with them! Its a pleasure to be able to do this review and I am happy to report that I have converted 3 potato chip eaters into PopChip lovers! Over the course of the last few days I have been munching away and giving a lot of thought into the comments you will read below.
I will be using a measuring system of 5 being the best and 1 being the worst with my little friend who popped up when I googled images for CHIP.

Its hard to choose what to try first when you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. So I just reached into the box with my eyes closed and pulled out the Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips. I have never really been into the salt and vinegar variety so my expectations were that high…
But I was impressed! First impression was how crunchy and NON-Greasy these chips were. And second was the burst of flavor that came with each bite. I will say that while these chips do not smell appealing to me, they taste great (especially alongside a turkey and cheese sammie!)
Next up, Salt and pepper variety. It wasn’t bad, it was pretty good actually but I was a bit overwhelmed at first bite with the pepper.
three Chips for Salt and Pepper. I enjoyed it but I’m a bit wimpy when it comes to pepper. It scores major points for having the cracked black pepper as opposed to peppery powder. So if you love Cracked Black Pepper – these will knock your socks off!

The original brand taste a lot like MUNCHOS to me, which bring me back to my days in High School where I could scarf a bag of chips and some cookies for lunch without any consequences whatsoever!
This had a great flavor and I cant tell you how much I loved to crunch these bad boys! They are damn good chips! They don’t overpower your mouth with different taste, these are a standard potato chip flavor.

WHOA Nelly! Now if you are new to reading this blog you might not know the foodgasm that is the garlic parm variety! I loved this one so much that I crushed them and breaded some chicken with them and even shared the recipe with the snackers at PopChips! I hope they like it as much as i currently do. So its no surprise that I award this one a perfect score!
Best Flavor By far! I think that at some point while I was munching on these I had a “pizza” taste in my mouth! Which got me thinking…PopChips should definitely come up with a Pizza flavor! It would be a winner in my book! You might need some gum after this one! LOL.
And last but not least, the BBQ flavor. What chip does NOT come in BBQ? BBQ is a classic flavor! And this review is for my momma and poppa. I gave them each a bag to try and judging by the number of times they have called me since I gave them a bag beggin and pleading for more, I am guessing this is a 5 chip for them!
BBQ gets a perfect score. What I personally like about this flavor is the “mesquite” kind of flavoring. Some bbq chips don’t hit the mark because the BBQ is too smoky, too peppery, or too sweet and this one offers up a perfect balance of all that makes a good BBQ flavor. I enjoyed it. And cant wait to stock up on my favorite flavors.